Our Communities, Our Outreach

Several members of our Telecom Fiber family believe in supporting their community through various programs by either donating their time, working with their church or supporting more far reaching programs that promote stability in regions outside our community. Telecom Fiber also participates in assisting our company members in their community outreach, whenever the assistance is needed.

We believe community outreach and participation is an important way to give back and support others when it’s needed most. It’s not a requirement, it’s a passion to see others do better.

Impacting our COMMUNITIES

We are proud of our members community outreach and believe that their participation should be recognized for passion to give back to their community.

Bruce has supported his local Winder Barrow High School Baseball Team for multiple years as a sponsor, giving the team the ability to purchased needed materials and the kids a chance to participate and learn teamwork.

Bruce Mulroney

Director of Operations, Telecom Fiber

Dave is a current board member with the PPSA. The PPSA provides support for local first responders when in a critical time of need. Dave has also volunteered time with Habitat for Humanity and actively supports Krawlin for COPS each year.

Dave Akins

General Manager, Telecom Fiber

Janet Larson

President/CEO, Telecom Fiber

Church Mission Outreach

Brandon Evans

Technician II, Telecom Fiber

Volunteer Youth Basketball Coach

Clay Brantley

Logistics Coordinator, Telecom Fiber

Volunteer Youth Soccer Coach